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Be Sure To Order The Right Size Christmas Tree

One of the biggest problems people encounter when considering a Christmas tree is deciding on size – and yes, size does matter. Invariably, people opt for a Christmas tree that is a little too big for their needs. Now that’s okay if you’re handy with a saw. You can just lop a foot or two from the bottom to reduce the size. Unfortunately, you can’t add a foot or two if you decide the Christmas tree is too small.

The best approach is a rather simple one – measure the space between the floor and ceiling. You don’t want a Christmas tree that touches the ceiling, and you have to take into account how you are going to decorate that tree. Do you have a sturdy ladder or are you going to use a chair to reach the high points? A Christmas tree looks good when there’s a foot or two between the tip of the tree and the ceiling. You will need another six inches or so if you intend using a Christmas tree stand – more if you decide to use a bucket of sand or similar.

Once you know the size of the space for a Christmas tree, you can check out which trees are best suited. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, if you’re handy with a saw, then you can trim a little off the bottom if you order a tree that is slightly too large. For those looking for even smaller Christmas tree, you may find that a potted tree better suits your needs.

Christmas trees are often the focal point at Christmas. We get together to decorate them, we scatter Christmas presents under them. Don’t be disappointed because you have ordered the wrong size – measure first. Worse still, don’t be disappointed because you completely forgot to order a Christmas tree.