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The Essential Christmas Tree Accessory

We all love Christmas Trees and over the past five years there has been a notable trend with more people electing to buy real trees each year. However, when considering a real Christmas Tree, think about what you are going to do with it, where it is going to be placed, and how you intend supporting your tree. Like cut flowers, cut Christmas Trees require water to maintain their freshness, and to prevent drying out. The major reason for needle drop in Christmas Trees is dehydration, so they need a supply of water at all times.

Christmas Trees need some form of solid support at the base. These supports help to keep the tree standing in an upright position. Some people opt for a bucket of water with a few bricks to provide the weight and the support. Others take the bucket of wet sand approach. Both can certainly help to keep the Christmas Tree supported and hydrated, however, they can look an eyesore. Besides, having gone to the trouble of buying a fresh live Christmas Tree, surely it deserves a decent stand to display it in all its glory.

There are special stands that have been created to specifically hold a Christmas Tree. These Christmas Tree stands carry seasonal designs and colours, have water wells to help keep the tree hydrated, and steel bracket to hold the tree firmly in place. With prices starting at £19.95, they also represent good value, more so since they can be reused year after year.

The Cinco 7 Christmas Tree Stand is one of the most popular. It can easily hold a tree up to 7 feet in height, and with a water well of over six pints, your Christmas Tree will be well looked after. Christmas Tree stands are an essential addition to any Christmas Tree – get the right one and you’ll have a great Christmas.