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Are You Thinking About Christmas Yet? We Are And We Suggest You Order Your Potted Trees Early

It may only be August, and Christmas may be several months away, but now is the time to consider your Christmas tree options and we suggest a live potted Christmas Tree. With care, live potted Christmas trees last for several years, always looking great, and reduce the need for disposal after Christmas. Live Christmas trees also bring back a little of the original Christmas feeling where a whole town would decorate a large living Christmas tree year after year.

We at Scottish Christmas Trees  have an ulterior motive for this suggestion as well – we always sell out well before Christmas and we hate to see people missing out. With deliveries scheduled to start in mid October, you can have your potted tree acclimatizing in your yard well before Christmas – this prolongs the tree’s life and ensures it’s fresh and vibrant when you’re ready to take it indoors. You have two choices in potted Christmas tree – the traditional Norway Spruce and the very popular Fraser Fir.

The Norway Spruce is available in six sizes ranging 70cm (2ft4ins) to 190cms (6ft 4ins), and because it’s alive it should not lose to many needles inside the home. However, you will need to keep it well watered and away from direct heat sources like heaters and fires. A nicely decorated Norway Spruce looks on either a table or counter, or in the corner all lit up a like a – like a Christmas Tree, of course.

The Fraser Fir has become hugely popular for a number of reasons. It has a great perfume and is covered in soft dark green needles that are a little friendlier to young hands. This tree is available in five sizes from 110cm (3ft7ins) to 210cm (6ft10ins).

It may only be August, however, we will start to deliver early orders of these trees in around eight weeks – and that’s not a lot of time. We know we sell out early so get your orders in now so you’ll not be disappointed.