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Here’s A Novel Way To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

Disposing of Christmas trees can be a real issue for some people yet it needn’t be. Here is one novel way to deal with your Christmas tree.

First, be sure to remove all decorations including lights and especially tinsel. Lay an old sheet or blanket on the floor and gently lay your tree down on the sheet or blanket. If there are two people working together, this makes taking the tree outside easier. Just wrap the tree, grab an end each, and take it outside.

Christmas trees were once living. If you place your tree outside and keep it reasonably hydrated then you may get another month from the tree. Needle drop will be much higher as the tree ages, but since it’s outside this shouldn’t matter.

Place the tree back in its stand, or find another method of keeping the tree upright. Place dried berries, pieces of suet (yes suet) and wild bird treats on the branches of the tree. Step back and over time the wild birds in your area will use your old Christmas tree as a haven and food source. Eventually all the needles will have dropped off.

Once the needles have dropped off, hire a mulcher and mulch the bare trunk and branches. Spread this over your garden late in spring to help keep moisture in your garden and the weeds down.

A Christmas tree with multiple uses – you enjoy it over Christmas, the bird life gets to enjoy it after Christmas, and your garden gets to enjoy it in late spring.

From all of us here at Scottish Christmas Trees – have a wonderful and safe Christmas. Be sure to check back with us in 2010 for news on our next crop of award-winning Christmas trees.