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What A Year For Scottish Christmas Trees

award winning Christmas treeAs we wind down and look forward to a well earned rest during the Christmas-New Year period, it’s a good time to reflect on what has been a great year here at Scottish Christmas Trees.  It has been exciting yet at times challenging. We had a lot of rain when we didn’t really want it, but we survived and, more importantly, so too did our trees.

We were very proud and very honoured to win the best pot grown Christmas tree category at the 2009 British Christmas Tree Growers Association (BCGTA) competition. As a team, it is recognition for the amount of care and attention we give all our Christmas trees. The tree shown here is our award winning potted Norway Spruce Christmas tree.

Our biggest challenge has come in the last month as we did our best to supply as many Christmas trees as possible. Unfortunately for some, we completely sold out of all our Christmas trees, potted and cut. The challenge now is to try and produce even more for next Christmas. Since Christmas trees have a 10-12 month growth period, it will indeed be a real challenge.

It has once again been shown how popular potted and freshly cut Christmas trees are. We get requests to send our Christmas trees all over Britain – a task we are happy to fulfill. We even managed to save a few Christmas trees for our highly successful open day earlier this month.

After a short break it will be back to work preparing for next year’s crop of Christmas trees – it’s a good thing we love our job!