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Potted Christmas Trees – Make Sure They Survive For Next Year

Potted Christmas trees are great, really. They are the kind of purchase you make once every five or six years – if they grow too big that is. Looking after your potted Christmas tree over the Christmas period is the first step to ensuring your tree does survive.

Looking after potted Christmas trees is really no different to looking after cut Christmas trees. If you take good care of the potted tree, you should experience little in the way of needle drop and the tree should look like bright and fresh all day long. It certainly shouldn’t have that droopy look that some plants seem to get when brought inside.

Remember, it’s winter and the potted Christmas tree is acclimatised to that. Keeping it as cool as possible is therefore an important part of looking after your tree. Simple tasks like switching the Christmas lights off overnight can help a lot – it gives the tree a break from any heat generated by the lights.

Keeping your potted tree well watered is the second important part of looking after your tree. Whilst inside, the soil should never completely dry out.  Keeping the soil moist allows the tree to absorb as much water as it needs when it needs it. Let it dry out and the first thing the tree will do is stop water flowing to the needles – the result, of course, is dropped needles.

Look after your potted Christmas tree – there are only two steps – keep it cool and keep it well watered, and it will survive the Christmas period. Look after it well after Christmas and it will survive through to next Christmas – but that is a story for another day.