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Keeping Your Christmas Wreaths Bright And Fresh after your Christmas wreath is no different to looking after your Christmas tree with one exception – your wreath is outside and subject to the elements. For this reason, keeping it as cool as possible is not always possible, particularly if the door its mounted on gets the full sun.

The full sun may not have a lot of strength in it at this time of year but that doesn’t mean it won’t affect your Christmas wreath. Wind is also another factor that needs to be taken into account. The wind may be cold but it can still suck what moisture is left out of your wreath.

It can be quite tricky keeping your wreath hydrated. If you add water to the front of the wreath the moisture may effect some of your decorations, particularly if you have decorations that have been handpainted by children. The easiest way to keep your wreath hydrated is by spraying a light mist of water each day on the back of the wreath. Don’t use too much water, just a light spray will do the trick.

Where sun is a problem on your door, check to see how much sun your wreath does get. You will often find that the lower part of the door gets more sun than the upper. If that is the case, place your wreath as high up as possible – not too high, of course; people still want to see it. Use a damp cloth to brush away any excess water and the wreath is ready to remount on your door. Look after your wreath and it will still look great on Christmas Day.