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Maintaining The Gloss On Your Christmas Decorations

Having a Christmas tree that has been decorated and looking fabulous doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Like everything in life, a little maintenance will ensure your Christmas tree and your Christmas decorations maintain that fabulous look. We have already discussed maintaining both your tree and your Christmas lights, but what about your Christmas decorations?

They need some maintenance and general care but it’s not an onerous task and should only take a couple of minutes each day. You can perform these tasks at the same time as watering the tree and giving the lights a quick once-over.

The only tool you need is a damp cloth. Start by giving each bauble a quick wipe-over. This will remove any dust and bring the gloss back. You can do the same with any of your other decorations.

Once you have wiped down your decorations, give the lights a quick check to ensure all are working okay. Top up the water for the Christmas tree and you are done – maximum ten minutes each day. It may only be ten minutes, but that ten minutes will ensure your tree stays fresh and your decorations stay glossy throughout Christmas.

Keeping your Christmas decorations clean and shiny means they will maintain their condition for many years to come. Let them becomes clouded with dust and over time that dust will cause minute scratches – scratches that lead to your decorations losing their glossy finish.