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Christmas Tree Safety – Prevent The Danger Of Fire

One of the biggest dangers that any home faces over the Christmas period is fire. One cause of fire is through carelessness when it comes to Christmas trees. Surprisingly, one of the easiest ways to help prevent a Christmas tree from catching fire is to keep it well hydrated.

Dry Christmas trees are no different to any other dry vegetable matter. They will ignite quite readily if provided with an ignition source. This could be poorly maintained Christmas lights, or, more often, having a very dry Christmas tree to close to a heater or open fire.

To prevent fire danger, and to ensure you have a happy and safe Christmas, follow these handy hints.

Keep your Christmas tree well watered.

Keep your Christmas tree well away from any naked flames or high heat sources.

Regularly check your Christmas lights to ensure everything is working well.

Turn your Christmas lights off when retiring each night.

Turn off any heat sources that are close to a Christmas tree when retiring each night.

It’s a very simple principle. A dry Christmas tree exposed to an ignition source could catch fire. A well-watered Christmas tree that is not exposed to an ignition source will stay happy and healthy throughout the Christmas period. Instead of bringing danger, let your Christmas tree bring joy to all who see it.