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Why Cut Christmas Trees Are Still So Popular

Christmas tree fully decoratedWhen looking at how quickly our Christmas trees have disappeared again this year it’s pretty clear they remain as popular as ever. When you consider the differences between cut Christmas trees and the alternatives, you would be excused for wondering why. I think the alternatives probably lack that little bit of uniqueness that a cut tree offers. But then, rather than try to guess why they are so popular, why not let our buyers tell why they are so special. And they do. Here are some snippets from the feedback we get from our customers.

“……no fiddle with choosing one, no fight to get it into the car just a lovely tree delivered to our door….”

“…..the tree is absolutely beautiful, full and bushy and a wonderful shape. I just wish you could put smell-o-vision on the internet, the whole house is filled with the most Christmassy aroma and has got us all in the festive spirit….”

“Our Christmas tree arrived today as per the schedule and it is absolutely marvellous! We couldn’t have hand picked a better one – lovely shape, excellent condition….”

“…..It is so soft it doesn’t feel like a real tree but it looks amazing, we only wished we had ordered a bigger one…..”

This is just a smattering of the feedback we get yet each Christmas we look forward to hearing what people have to say. When we know that one of our Christmas trees has helped to make the Christmas season so special – it makes all our hard work over the years worth effort. Do let us know your thoughts if you have purchased a Christmas tree from Scottish Christmas Trees – it helps to make our Christmas special too.