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Now That Your Christmas Tree Is Setup – Don’t Forget To Look After It

There is something magic about a Christmas tree fully decorated. This is especially so early in the evening when the flashing Christmas lights are at their best. As special as they look – there is nothing sadder than to see a Christmas tree with the needles turning yellow and dropping all over the floor.

Christmas trees are like cut flowers. To stay fresh and looking their best they need a little TLC and it really only takes a moment or two each day. First and foremost is water. Christmas trees like to have their feet wet once they have been cut. Be sure they have plenty of water to drink.

Lack of water is a Christmas tree’s biggest enemy and sometimes, despite keeping its feet wet, it will still start to dehydrate and drop needles. This is caused by one of two things: being too close to a heat source like an open fire, an electric heater or too close to a window that gets full sun; or being exposed to a draft that is either too warm or too persistent. It is hard to think of a draft as having any effect on a plant, but moving air takes with it water – just like the washing on your line.

That then is all it takes. Keep your Christmas tree well hydrated and you won’t see any discolouration or suffer from severe needle drop. It will last through to Christmas Day looking as fresh as the day you brought it indoors.