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Getting The Best Out Of Your Christmas Tree

Cut Christmas trees are fairly hardy and will withstand a lot before finally failing,  turning yellow and dropping needles everywhere.  There is a lot you can do, or not do, that will make them last throughout Christmas.  Looking after the well-being of your tree is only one part of getting the best out of it.

Looking after your tree is important, but that is the easy part. Make sure it has plenty of water, keep it out of strong drafts and keep it away from heat sources. That’s pretty much it. Hydration is the key to keeping your tree fresh all Christmas long.

To get the best out of your tree, you need to look at what you do with it. After placing it into a Christmas tree stand, place it in the middle of the room and walk around it. Christmas trees are fairly symmetrical, but often you will find one particular face has that perfect arrangement of branches. Place your tree so that this face is on show.

Decorating. The biggest mistake we make is to over-decorate our trees. This places a lot of strain on the branches causing them to bend too far. Try to decorate your tree in a balanced way with the heavier decorations lower down and closer to the trunk. This adds to the symmetry of tree.

Another area that people err in is by placing too many lights on the tree. Christmas lights look great but too many can be overkill and spoil the overall effect. Again, look for a balanced finish.  You should be able to stand back and see both the tree and the decorations. After all, you are decorating a Christmas tree, not trying to hide it.

Place you Christmas tree in the right spot, keep it well watered, have it showing its best face, and decorate it with thought and care and you will get the very best out of your Christmas tree.