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Real Christmas Trees Are The Only Way To Go

Residents of Poole in Dorset are celebrating after a 30-foot fake Christmas tree was removed and replaced with a 30-foot Norway Spruce Christmas tree (read the news story here). It took 5000 Facebook signatures to raise concerns. Unfortunately, the fake tree was only removed after being vandalised.  Commonsense has reigned and now a real tree sits in its place.

We are strongly advocating the use of real Christmas trees each year. They are not only more environmentally friendly, they look great in home and add to the spirit of Christmas with their gentle perfumes wafting about. If you are looking for a Norway Spruce this Christmas then you may be out of luck. We have sold out of all our stock and only have a nice range of Nordman Firs remaining.

Mind you, the Nordman Fir is one of the best Christmas trees to have in the home as it has a history of low needle drop with proper care. It is also one of the most popular trees used at Christmas as it is more child friendly than some of the others. The Nordman has soft needles, which makes it easier for little hands to decorate.

Being a popular tree at Christmas, our remaining stock of Nordman Fir Christmas trees won’t last much longer – call us if you are still looking for a real Christmas tree, before it’s too late.