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Make Life Easier With A Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas tree standI have seen a lot of different Christmas tree stands over the years. A couple of bricks stacked around the base of the tree; a bucket of sand; a tub of dirt; and a cement block with hole drilled through the middle. They are just some of the novel ways that people have used to hold their Christmas tree up. I have also seen a fully decorated tree, complete with lights, leaning against a wall with no support but the wall itself.

Most of these methods have one big problem – they don’t actually look after the tree. The bucket of sand idea isn’t too bad and neither is the tub of dirt. The biggest problem with these ideas is water. You can water the sand, but it has poor water retention abilities. You can water the dirt; at least it holds the water a little better. The end result is that these trees start to lose their needles well before Christmas.

If you really want your tree to last until Christmas, buy a proper Christmas tree stand. They help keep your Christmas tree standing tall whilst keeping the tree well hydrated (if you remember to fill it with water, that is). Christmas tree stands are built specifically for that job. They are so easy to use you will have your Christmas tree up and ready to decorate in no time at all.