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How To Fix Your Christmas Lights To Windows

suction cups for Christmas lightsThere are many uses for Christmas lights. Some people decorate the outside of their homes, others decorate outdoor living areas and, of course, there is the traditional decorating of the tree using Christmas lights. One other use is to decorate your windows – particularly the front window. Short of using nails in the window frames, do you know how to fix your lights to your windows?

Just looking at the image is a dead give-away. Suction cups are used for many different things these days. They can be very effective at holding decorations and strings of lights. Place a few suction cups around your window then push the Christmas lights cable into the slot in the suction cup. Done. Work your way around the window in whatever pattern or design  you like using suction cups to hold the lights in place.

Suction cups will also stick to many painted surfaces, particularly where a plastic based paint has been used. This can be great if you want to include any of the other types of lights such as curtain lights.

These suction cups can also be used to hang baubles and other Christmas decorations.  Once Christmas is over, you can just unclip the string of lights, or Christmas decoration, and ease the suction cup of the window. There is no mess, no fiddling about and no nails or adhesive tape to worry about.