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How To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

Once Christmas passes us by and we recover from all the festivities, someone has the job of cleaning up. It’s hard enough cleaning up all the left over food and the Christmas wrapping paper, but what about that tree? The glamour has gone now; it just looks like hard work. It doesn’t have to be.

First, you need to de-decorate the tree. If you don’t have the original packaging then you are going to need somewhere to store it all. Here is one suggestion that is environmentally friendly – at least until next Christmas. Use all the Christmas wrapping paper to wrap your ornaments. Wrap them and store them carefully in a box.

With the Christmas lights, make sure they are cool before preparing them for storage. Unplug the lights then lay them out to their full length. Carefully roll into a loose loop and they are ready for storage. Now for the Christmas tree itself.

You have a number of options with your spent Christmas tree. You can chip it and use it as a mulch or place into a compost pile – some local councils provide this service, or you can hire a shipper from a local tool hire business. You can cut it into manageable pieces and take it to the council dump (check to see their regulations first); or you can set it aside to dry and perhaps find an alternative use for it.

One of the benefits of using a cut Christmas tree is that it is totally recyclable – what grows from the ground can be returned to the ground – your Christmas tree included.