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Christmas Wreaths Add The Finishing Touch

Chic Christmas WreathYou have your Christmas tree and no doubt many people will have already started, or completed, decorating it. The final touch to your Christmas decorating has to be hanging the Christmas wreath on the front door. It’s like a signal to all your friends – ‘we have finished our Christmas decorating, come and have a look’.

Christmas wreaths are a feature in themselves. We no longer place a plain undecorated wreath on our doors. Modern wreaths are decorated with all sorts of bric-a-brac. Our range of Christmas wreaths include the Chic Wreath (pictured) which is made from:

Nordman Fir foliage and hand decorated with cedar rose cones, purple and silver shatterproof baubles, silver hip shaped berries and a wonderful purple ribbon that has been tied into an extravagant bow

This is just one wreath in our range of handmade Christmas wreaths. The range  includes:

The Scottish Wreath – decorated with tartan ribbon and seed heads,

The Festive Wreath – decorations include berries and cones,

The Contemporary Wreath – decorated with plumosum cones, blue shatterproof baubles and pearl sprays,

The Traditional Wreath – decorated with oranges, cinnamon sticks and many other traditional decorations, and

The Original Wreath – undecorated and ready for you to decorate with your favourite items.

There is a wreath there to please everyone. Wreaths ordered now will last through to the end of Christmas with no problems.