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We Still Have A Nice Range Of Christmas Trees Available

Our Christmas trees are disappearing quickly, however, we do have a nice range available for people who are quick. We have our open day this week where many of the remaining trees will no doubt find new homes this Christmas. What Christmas do we have left?

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Many people consider the Norway Spruce to be the traditional Christmas tree with its mid to dark green foliage and unique scent. We have four sizes still available: 175-200cm; 200cm-225cm; 300cm-325cm; and the 325cm-365cm.

Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir has a traditional pyramid Christmas tree shape. Being a narrow tree it is ideal for tight spaces. This makes it quite a popular tree so stocks become limited reasonably quickly. We have two sizes of this tree available: the 200cm-225cm; and the 225cm-250cm.

Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

The Nordman Fir is one of the most popular Christmas trees having a very symmetrical shape and strong branches. This is once again in high demand and we only have four sizes available. These are: 150cm-175cm; 175cm-200cm; 200cm-225cm; and the 300cm-325cm.

These sizes are available at the time of writing, however, stock of some sizes is limited and there are no guarantees. Please call if you are looking for a Christmas tree to see what stock is still available.

Note the measurement of trees is from the ground to the tip of the leader. The leader can measure 20-40 cms – please bear this in mind when ordering your Christmas tree.