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What Size Christmas Tree Should I Buy?

Christmas tree in windowDoes the size of your Christmas tree matter? It does actually. Of course, there are some obvious limitations. You don’t want a 12-foot tree when you have a 10-foot ceiling. There are other aspects that you need to consider as well.

For most Christmas trees, you should have about a foot of clear space between the tip of the tree and the ceiling. You must also take into account decorating the tree. If you don’t have a step ladder then a tree that you can decorate while standing is preferable. Add 2-3 feet to your height and you will have a Christmas tree that you can comfortably decorate – at worst, you will be standing on tip-toe to place the star on top.

Other considerations include where you intend placing your Christmas tree. If you want to place it in front of a window to let the world see your tree, measure the space to the top of the window. The tip of your tree should be about six inches below the top of the window. From outside, everyone can see the completed tree and not have any of it lost above the top of the window.

They may only be small considerations, but they can be important. It can take the edge off Christmas if you order a tree to go into a specific place only to find it is too big or too small. With a small tree, you can raise it a bit. If the tree is too tall, there is only so much you take off the bottom before you’re also hacking off branches.

Have a happy Christmas by ordering a Christmas tree that fits your needs. Before ordering, check on what height is best for your circumstances – just don’t leave it too long, we may run out of stock for the height you need.