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How Many Lights Should You Put On Your Christmas Tree?

Christmas lights for your Christmas treeA Christmas tree is not complete without the star on top and the lights switched on. Christmas lights come in varying lengths with each length containing a certain number of lights. Do you know how many lights should go on your tree?

The formula is pretty easy – about 30 lights per foot in height. A four foot tree should have no more than 120 lights – a five foot tree no more than 150 lights. We have a chart on all about lights fact page if you need any help for your tree.

LED lights are much safer than the traditional string lights. They also use less power so they generate less heat as well. This reduces the stress on your Christmas tree, helping it to stay fresh longer.

Traditional string lights are still popular and in use by a lot of families. These lights have their own unique bulb shape and look great hanging in and around the foliage of a Christmas tree. Flashing lights are always popular, especially the multi-coloured lights. If you want to catch a child’s attention, just turn on the Christmas fairy lights – it works every time.

Don’t overcrowd your Christmas tree with too many lights. It is not good for the tree and doesn’t improve the look. Sometimes – fewer can be much better.