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It’s Time To Take Delivery Of Your Christmas Tree

Our Christmas trees are now steadily flowing out of our doors and many of our customers are now taking delivery of their tree. If you order now we can have a fresh cut Christmas tree on your doorstep before the weekend.

If you are about to take delivery of your Christmas tree then you need to think about how and when you are going to decorate it. Many families leave the decorating until the weekend. If you are considering the same then we suggest you leave your Christmas tree outside the house. Keep it protected from the elements, but also ensure it is in a cool place.

You can keep the netting on for several days without damaging the tree. In fact, it will be easier to take inside if you do. Before taking you tree inside, cut off an inch or so from the base. Once you do get your Christmas tree inside, give it a good home, somewhere cool away from direct heat and strong drafts. Make sure it is in a stable stand and that your tree has plenty of water.

Take the netting off once your tree is in place and your tree is ready to decorate. If you don’t have a Christmas tree yet then please be quick to order. We are already running low on several of tree sizes. Don’t leave it too late, you may be disappointed.