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Potted Christmas Trees Are Selling Fast – Get In Now Before Its Too Late

Fraser fir potted Christmas treeOur potted Christmas trees are selling fast with many of the larger size trees already sold out. Potted Christmas trees have regained quite a following. This is due to their easy care and of course the renewable nature of any potted plant.

The Norway spruce potted Christmas tree is still available in sizes up to 110cm (3ft7ins). This tree has the mid to dark green needles and makes a wonderful traditional Christmas tree – no doubt one of the reasons it is so popular. Keep it well watered and it shouldn’t lose any of its needles.

The Fraser fir (pictured) has proven to be very popular this year and we are down to just the one size – 110cm-130cm (3ft7ins-4ft3ins). It is surprising that this tree is still in stock since it is a perfect size for families. The Fraser fir has soft dark green needles and a a wonderful citrusy perfume. This is our most popular tree so stocks are not going to last much longer.

Having a potted Christmas tree is one way of “having your cake and eating it too”. They look superb decorated and with a little water will survive well inside. Once Christmas is over, take them back out into the garden and enjoy them in their own environment. You may need to pot them up, but that will only make them look so much better next Christmas.

There are not many left – if you are after a potted Christmas tree – get in now before it is too late.