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Did You Know You Can Colour Coordinate Your Christmas Tree

Colour coordinated Christmas trees – sounds a little strange. I mean, does that indicate you can buy a live cut Christmas tree with blue foliage? Or red, yellow or silver for that matter? Obviously not. Your Christmas tree still comes in the traditional natural colours.

Being colour coordinated doesn’t mean the tree itself has different colours. It refers to the way you decorate it and the colour theme you use. Your lights can be centred on a particular colour and there are so many different types and colours. When it comes baubles there has to be something there to please.

We have professional Christmas tree decorators here at Scottish Christmas Trees and they are experts at putting together a Christmas tree according to your requirements. This includes themes and colour schemes.

Decorating a Christmas tree so that it coordinates with its environment is not as difficult as it sounds. If you stand back a little you can soon picture which colours will blend in. As you decorate the tree you need to constantly take that backward step and review the process. All you need is a little eye for colour.

We have a wide range of baubles and interesting decorations in a wide range of colour and finishes. Coordinating your tree is so much easier if you have the right decorations to start with. Of course, you could always ask one of our expert decorators to prepare your Christmas tree for you.