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Why Fresh Christmas Trees Have Become Fashionable Again

There was a period when fresh cut Christmas trees went unwanted each year. You couldn’t even give them away as they had developed a misconceived reputation for causing all sorts of problems. The pendulum has swung and now they are back in fashion – in fact, artificial trees are now the product with a poor reputation.

Why are fresh cut Christmas trees fashionable again? There are any number of reasons. These range from environmental factors to traditional factors such as perfume. If you think about it, a living Christmas tree has a lot to offer our society, even if its role is small.

When it comes to the environment, cut Christmas trees come to the earth and return to the earth. They compost down reasonably quickly. Artificial trees can take decades to break down with some components never breaking down.

In your living room, a real Christmas tree doesn’t just sit in a corner and look pretty. Cut Christmas trees give off a wonderful perfume that gently wafts through the home, reminding everyone it is Christmas.

It’s only natural that real cut Christmas trees should once again become the fashion. The problem, of course, is that businesses like ours start to run to out of some stock well before Christmas – this is why we recommend placing your order as early as possible.

Most people now agree – you can’t have a traditional Christmas without a real cut Christmas tree – and we agree!