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You’ve Ordered Your Christmas Tree – What About The Decorations?

Christmas tree lightsI cannot believe how quickly Christmas is coming. We are already past the halfway mark for November and with only five weeks to Christmas Day, the orders are coming in thick and fast for Christmas trees. A question for you, though – have you checked on your decorations yet?

Most families order their Christmas trees and it’s not until the tree arrives that they drag out the box of decorations. Some of our decorations sell out early so it may be a good idea to check on them now – especially lights.

Do you need new bulbs or a new transformer? Test them now and buy any replacements sooner rather than later. Then, when your Christmas tree arrives your decorations will all be in order and ready to use. There is nothing more disappointing than to decorate a tree only to find the lights are not working. It’s even more disappointing when you have to run around finding new lights or spare parts and the shops have sold out – or only have the cheap and nasty remaining.

Once you get your Christmas tree sorted, check your decorations. We have a full range of lights, baubles and decorative items that will have your Christmas tree looking like magic. Don’t leave it until the last minute!