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How To Use A Christmas Tree Stand

Christmas tree standsChristmas tree stands are a popular method of holding Christmas trees. This popular Cinco Christmas tree stand is one of the best on the market with an excellent tree stability history. We prefer our customers’ used Christmas tree stands since they provide a much better environment than some other methods in use.

Setting up your Christmas tree in a stand is fairly straight forward. Before bringing your tree inside, it helps if you cut a little off the base of the tree. This is similar to cutting a small portion from the base of flower stems. It gives the tree a fresh new surface that will ‘drink’ in the water as it is is required.

Once your tree is ready, place it in the Christmas tree stand and tighten the holding screws. Tighten these a little at a time to ensure the tree is firmly held in the center of the stand. Once the tree is firmly secure, fill the base with water and keep it topped up all the time.

Using a Christmas tree stand allows your tree to drink freely as it needs the water. This will help to keep the tree fresh and reduce the amount of needle drop. Your Christmas tree will then last all the way through to Christmas Day looking and smelling as fresh as the day it arrived.