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How To Decorate Your Potted Xmas Tree

Potted Christmas trees are just miniature versions of the large cut Christmas trees. The only real difference, apart from size, is that potted trees are still alive and growing.  When it comes to decorating a potted Christmas tree, you have the same amount of freedom as you would have decorating a large cut tree.

What you will need to bear in mind of course is that the potted Christmas tree is so much smaller. You may only fit two or three large baubles on and the tree is looking crowded. You need to scale your decorations to match the size of the tree.

Christmas lights can be a problem since most come in lengths of six or ten metres. Here is where you can experiment a little. Get a string of small lights, or microlights. If your tree is going to be placed in a corner then decorate your tree with a small length of lights – just enough to make the tree look attractive. With the remaining length of lights, either run them around the table the tree is sitting on, or, if in an office, along the counter.

If your tree is going in the middle rather than a corner then use the middle section of the string of lights, leaving either end to decorate the table, counter or bench. If your potted Christmas tree is going on the floor then run the string of lights along the skirting either side of the pot.

You can now finish decorating your Christmas tree using small baubles and any other small decorations you may have. Potted Xmas trees are smaller versions of a large cut tree, just scale down your decorations and your tree will look just as attractive as a large fully decorated Christmas tree.