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How To Keep Your Christmas Trees Looking Bright And Fresh

Christmas trees are no different to any other plant or flower that has been picked from the garden and brought indoors. They need special attention to ensure they stay bright and green and maintain their fresh appearance.

Have you ever purchased flowers from the florist and brought them home? If you have then I hope you read the instructions that often come with them. The first instruction is to trim a little from the base of the stalk, the second is to place them in a container of water, and the third is to place them somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight or heat sources.

A Christmas tree is actually exactly the same. Cut a little off the end of the trunk before taking it inside. Place it in a container of water and for this we do recommend our Christmas tree stands. With a Christmas tree stand you can fill it with water, insert the base of the trunk then leave the stand to do the rest. Keep refilling the water as the level drops.

The final point is also true. Keep your tree in a cool place away from direct heat sources and any draughts. Dehydration is a Christmas trees biggest enemy. This is caused by lack of water and temperatures that are too high along with air movements that cause all vegetation to dry out.

If you follow those tips you will find that your fresh Christmas tree maintains its color and needles until the end of Christmas.