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Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Fun Baubles

fun baubles for your Christmas TreeDecorating a Christmas tree is a lot of fun. You can make it even more fun and have a different looking Christmas tree if you add a few differently shaped baubles. Round baubles are used by everyone everywhere. These baubles look more like icicles hanging from the tree so if you use them judiciously you should be able to get a unique look to your tree.

These baubles are shatterproof and come in both gold and silver with each package containing two frosted, two shiny and two mat baubles. Another bauble that looks different is the Chinese lantern style bauble.

With star shapes cut out and looking very much like a lantern, these baubles come in a 12 pack and look very effective peeking out from between the branches of your Christmas tree. Like the icicle style bauble, these baubles are available in either gold or silver colour finishes.

chinese lantern baublesBaubles are always one of the favourites for children to hang. Using fun or novel type baubles adds to the look and feel of the tree and makes decorating so much more fun – just ask your children which they would prefer. The lantern style baubles look even better with lights coming from behind. The light has a peek-a-boo effect when it shines through the lantern.

We all decorate Christmas trees at this time of the year but if you would like something a little different then check out what we have in stock of fun and fancy baubles.