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We Are Not Just About Christmas Trees

<Net lights provide a great Christmas tree backdropAlthough our main products are Christmas trees, they are not our only products. If you are a little bored with the same old decorations on your Christmas tree each year, maybe it’s time for a change. In this case, rather than changing the Christmas tree decorations, try changing parts of the environment.

Take these white LED net lights. Can you imagine them draped across a window, or perhaps draped across the wall behind your Christmas tree. From the outside, white led net lights provide a unique drop for a Christmas tree decorated with flashing coloured lights.

Placed behind the tree with no lights on the tree itself, these net lights make a great backdrop allowing the main decorations to glimmer in the light.

LED net lights have a multitude of uses and they don’t necessarily relate to Christmas trees. You can hang these lights up on wall as a feature, across a window or across patio area. This particular LED net light is actually made up of 176 small white LED’s and can be used both indoors or outdoors.

Christmas is not always about Christmas trees although they do still dominate our time. There are many areas of the house, both inside and outside, that could be decorated for Christmas – just take a drive around your area if you need inspiration. Icicle net curtains are one way to add a unique touch to your home.