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Welcome Family And Friends With A Fresh Christmas Wreath

real Christmas wreathsThere is one thing your visitors will always notice when you hand a fresh Christmas wreath on the front door and that is the perfume. The first comment will often be about it being a ‘real’ wreath and not a plastic imitation.  That’s not all either – most of the decorations are real as well.

Take our traditional Christmas wreath as an example.  It is decorated with real  oranges, cinnamon sticks, pumpkinos, dried chillies, cones and dried seed heads. The wreath itself is created using fresh foliage from some of our Nordman Fir Christmas trees.

Altogether, you have a wonderful wreath that is very aromatic. Imagine that fir foliage blending with the cinnamon and oranges. The danger is that your guests will be having hunger pangs before they get through the door.

Christmas wreaths are an old tradition, a tradition that will never fade away. Seeing wreaths on front doors is one of the first real signs of Christmas in homes. This is generally followed by the view of a lit Christmas tree through a window.

Do you follow the tradition of putting a Christmas wreath on your door? This year, try a real Christmas wreath that has been decorated with traditional real decorations – you can see all our real Christmas Wreaths here.