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Christmas Tree Buying Tips – Read The Terms And Conditions

Before buying a Christmas tree be sure to read the Terms and Conditions first. Many people get caught out because they haven’t read them and find when making a complaint, the seller had every right to do what ever it was the buyer was complaining about.

A typical condition you don’t want is one that reads –

“we reserve the right to substitute your tree type for a similar tree type if stock is not available”

That is not good enough. If you order a Norway Spruce Chrsitmas tree then that is what you should be receiving. If stock is not available then the order should never have been taken – or a short telephone call to clarify the situation done first.

Like all business sectors, there are those that try to capitalize on the Christmas tree market, especially in the last week or two before Christmas. The advice is simple and commonsense. Buy from a reputable Christmas tree seller and always check their Terms and Conditions first.

Feel free to check Scottish Christmas Trees’ Terms and Conditions prior to placing your order. We take pride in delivering Christmas trees as per our customers orders and do everything possible to ensure they arrive in perfect condition ready to decorate and brighten up their Christmas. Can we help to brighten up your Christmas too?