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Keep Your Potted Christmas Tree Fresh For Next Christmas

Potted Christmas trees can deliver many years of good service if looked after correctly. Interestingly enough, looking after that potted tree does not take a lot of work. All it needs is room to grow, water to drink, food to eat and the right climate – a bit like you and I really.

There is an easy solution to looking after a potted Christmas tree – forget it’s a Christmas tree until December each year. In the mean time, treat it like you would any other potted plant. That is:

  • Each year potted it up to the next size pot
  • Water it regularly
  • Apply a slow release fertilizer when the growing season starts
  • Keep it in a reasonably cool environment

That’s it. If you want to prune it to maintain some shape then do that in Autumn. Your potted Christmas tree will give you many years service if you follow those simple instructions.