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What’s Going On Top Of Your Christmas Tree This Year?

the traditional star to top your Christmas treeTraditionally, the last ornament to go on a Christmas tree was the star – it’s pride of place at the very top of the tree. In recent years we have seen anything from Santa through to angels sitting at the top of the tree.

I am still a little old fashioned. I like the idea of a star sitting on top. Although the tree is inside, the whole idea of decorating the tree is to make it look like a tree in the woods. Baubles are meant to resemble fruits – in fact, that is where they have their origins and the first glass baubles were fruit replicas.

Christmas tree lights, they have their origins. The candles that were placed in trees, probably to represent stars. The big star on top was meant to represent the largest star in the night sky. Other decorations included season berries and tinsel, which was supposed to resemble snow on the tree branches.

Most of this has been lost over the decades. Decorations now are designed to create a wow factor. Not that this is a problem, of course. We all love to decorate a Christmas tree, to make it our own. Even then, we still follow certain traditions and one of those is the star that sits at the top. What’s your favourite decoration for the top of your Christmas tree?