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Which Is The Best Potted Christmas Tree For Your Situation

Christmas trees in pots are so versatile. Whether for your home or for your business, there is always going to be one that fits the situation. You may wonder which is going to be best suited to your needs.

We have three different potted Christmas trees. They are fairly versatile so you will rarely find you have selected the ‘wrong’ tree.  All three, however, do look very different.

Norway Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

This is a very traditional looking Christmas tree. The Norway Spruce can be a little prickly so it may not be ideal in areas where young children pass by regularly. Looked after properly, it is a low needle drop tree so it would be ideal in office or shop environments.

Englemann Spruce Potted Christmas Tree

This potted Christmas tree is almost the opposite of the Norway Spruce. The Englemann Spruce has soft grey/blue needles and provides a wonderful perfume to the room. Children love to decorate this little tree. Well suited to the home, office or workplace.

Fraser Fir Potted Christmas Tree

The Fraser Fir is our most popular tree and always sells out (so get in early). Like the Englemann, it is well suited to most environments. It too has soft needles making it easy for youngsters to help decorate. The citrusy perfume is an added bonus that really does enhance the Christmas feel.

The Norway and Fraser potted Christmas trees come in a range of sizes. The Englemann is a small tree and is only available in the one size. Whatever your situation, we have a potted Christmas tree to suit.

Listen to Forth One and jot down our promotion code and 10% of the sale price of your Christmas tree goes directly to the Cash For Kids charity.