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Do Something Different With Your Christmas Tree This Year

Are you tired of the same old Christmas tree decorations? It can happen – the flashing lights, baubles (have you seen the latest range of baubles we have in stock?) and sundry decorations start to look tired over time. Perhaps it’s time you did something completely different with your Christmas tree. Perhaps it’s time you went back in time a little.

Long before baubles, flashing lights, tinsel and all the other modern decorations came along, children would make their own. You still can. All you need is some paint – gold, silver, blue and red will do for starters and some pine cones. A couple of youngsters to get their hands dirty may also help.

Pine cones? Just go for a stroll through the woods – you will find pine cones scattered everywhere. In fact, I am sure your children can tell you where to find them. While you’re at it, collect interesting berries and flowers or foliage that can be added.

It’s a simple process. Paint the pine cones in the range of colors you want and hang them from the tree. If you want the glitter affect, simply add a little glitter to the pine cones as the paint is starting to dry. Add the berries, flowers and foliage and your tree is ready.

If you want to add an extra touch, you can find up lights (similar to down lights) in many lighting stores – they are quite cheap and use little in the way of power and generate hardly any heat at all. Place on the floor behind the tree facing towards the ceiling.

There you have it. A glittering Christmas tree that has been hand decorate by the family sitting proudly in the corner. The Christmas tree – I would recommend a real Fraser Fir from our outstanding collection of Christmas trees this year – it’s perfect for handmade decorations.