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LED Lights Breath New Life Into Christmas Trees

Christmas LED lights for your Christmas treeChristmas trees were once lit using candles. You can imagine how busy firefighters were over the Christmas period. Candles were eventually replaced by fairy lights. These were far better than candles although they did have problems of their own.

Some of the problems associated with fairly lights include heat, fire and reliability. Good lights are fairly reliable, however, mini-light globes are always going to die when you least expect them to.

Christmas trees themselves haven’t really evolved too much over the years. It is the decorations that have changed and fairy lights are no different. They are now being replaced by LED lights.These lights have great advantages over their rivals, the fairy lights.

LEDs produce far less heat so they are far safer when it comes to fires or damaging your tree. They also consume far less in the way of electricity. LEDs  don’t actually contain any light bulbs.  The end result is a smaller brighter light that consumes less energy than a standard fairy light and has far less in the way of maintenance issues.

If you were to dress up two Christmas trees, one with fairy lights and one with LEDs, all things being equal, the tree with the LEDs will look in better shape than the Christmas tree with fairy lights.

When you compare the features of LED Christmas lights to fairy lights, the LED lights are less damaging so your tree will stay looking fresh all the way through Christmas.