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Tips For Attaching Gifts To Christmas Trees

Some families like the idea of attaching small gifts to their Christmas trees. It can certainly add to the overall look of your tree and adds a touch of excitement for children of all ages. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to attach gifts to your Christmas tree.

The single most important issue is not the size of the gift but the weight. If the gifts are too heavy they will cause the branches to sag too far. This may place too much stress on the branch causing it to break or drop too many needles.

When attaching your gifts, ribbon is kinder to tree branches than string. String can rub and create a ring barking effect, again placing stress on the branch. Ribbon is flat and helps to spread the load thus causing far less damage.

Place larger heavier gifts on the lower branches since they are thicker and stronger. It adds to the overall look of the tree if the gifts get progressively smaller as they go up the tree.

Children can be impatient when it comes time to open gifts. Help them remove the gift by untying the ribbon rather than pulling the gift along the branch. Pulling the gift will cause an increased drop of needles and leave a lot of bare patches.

Finally, don’t forget to give your Christmas tree a gift. Plenty of water together with as many oo’s and ah’s as possible. I don’t know if the tree can hear you – it certainly adds to the occasion.