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Caring For Your Potted Christmas Tree

Potted Christmas trees are living trees that will continue to give you service at Christmas time for many years to come. Of course, potted Christmas trees will grow to ten feet or more given the right conditions so at some stage may need to plant it out into your garden.

If you don’t have any space in the garden for a potted tree, you can either cut it down to get one last Christmas from it, or keep it heavily pruned, particularly at the tip. In the meantime, there are some basic care requirements you need to consider when you take your potted Christmas tree home.

Don’t rush your tree inside. Give it a day or two outside and only take it in when you are ready to start decorating it.

Keep the tree well watered. Don’t let the tree out – this leads to needle drop. This is particularly important once the tree goes inside.

Don’t place your tree close to direct heat – this includes sunny windows. At Christmas time the sun may not have a lot of heat but glass will magnify what heat there is. Heat leads to dehydration and stress resulting in needle drop.

When Christmas is over and the tree is taken out, let it acclimatize by placing it in a shady position.

Once you have taken your tree outside, either plant it out or plant it up to a bigger container. Don’t forget water and, during spring, a regular feeding.

Christmas trees are no different to most other potted plants – except perhaps for size over time. Look after your Christmas tree and it will reward you with many happy Christmas’s into the future.