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The History Of Christmas Trees In The UK

Christmas trees have been around for a long time. Some people place their history back thousands of years while others put their true origin as late as the 16th century. We will never really know the true history since many cultures used evergreen trees as symbols of life and hope.

The history of the Christmas tree in the UK is reasonably well documented. Prince Albert was a German who married Queen Victoria. Christmas trees were a tradition in Germany at the time so to remind himself of his homeland, he introduced the use of a Christmas tree into Windsor Castle.

That tree in 1841 is the first documented use of a Christmas tree in the UK. From there it spread throughout England and Scotland – and eventually to the colonies in Australia, New Zealand and, of course, the America’s.

The history of the decoration used is also complex. The simple version is that tinsel was meant to replicate snow on the foliage whilst the Christmas lights were meant to replicate the stars shining through the branches.

Whatever the history, Christmas trees are now a part of our tradition at Christmas. I wonder what Prince Albert would have thought of today’s plastic trees – would they still remind him of home? We will never know, although one thing is certain, the plastic tree would not have given off that wonderful fragrance that signifies Christmas.

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