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A Christmas Tree For The Dining Table

Christmas trees for the dining tableWe would be the first to admit that Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the traditional Christmas tree. Why not extend the tradition and add a Christmas tree to the dining table. Of course, they are not living or cut trees, but they do create a talking point.

Standing 40cms tall, these silver spiral trees come complete with static blue LED lights and the decoration finished using small blue and red baubles. Stunning? Yes. Different? Yes. A talking point? Most definitely.

If you’re not a silver person then perhaps a similar tree in gold with static white LED lights would suit your tastes. I can envisage a large family gathering, a table big enough to seat 10 or 12, and two or three of these sparkling Christmas trees adding a cheery touch.

Whilst we all enjoy the traditions that come with events like Christmas, it is always nice to add some of the modern decorative items to the occasion. It’s a way of personalizing a traditional Christmas – adding your own personal touch.

Table top decorations will never replace the traditional cut Christmas tree, but then, they are not supposed to. Table top Christmas trees like the one shown in the picture are designed to bring the joy of a cut Christmas tree to the dining table. They do this with style and are one option that is well worth considering when looking to put the finishing touches on your Christmas this year.