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A Potted Christmas Is Not Necessarily A Small Christmas Tree

potted Christmas treeIf you think a potted Christmas tree is a small desktop type Christmas tree then think again. Our potted Christmas trees can be found as tall as 175 cm (5ft9ins) in both the Fraser Fir and the Norway Spruce. That may be a little large for a desktop  – but perfect for situations where space is at a premium.

Why pick a potted Christmas tree? There are many reasons but here are a few. Our potted Christmas trees:

  • are alive – you can reuse them for many years with care
  • don’t require a special stand  – the pot acts as the stand
  • are easy to decorate – you don’t require a ladder
  • stay fresh for many weeks with the right care
  • are great for the environment since there is little to throw away

Actually, being alive, a potted Christmas tree makes a perfect early Christmas present for a loved one, particularly a parent living alone. They often don’t bother with things like Christmas trees when they are by themselves.

As I have mentioned, the tree is easy to decorate, doesn’t require removal after Christmas and can be kept outside until the following Christmas for use again. In fact, make it a special Christmas and the tree will be a constant reminder for the full year.

That is the one thing that potted Christmas trees do have over all other trees – the memories of Christmas. Every time you step outside, there is the reminder of the Christmas just past. Once it is too big for its pot – find a permanent home  where it will continue to bring back memories.