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Christmas Trees And Santa Sacks

Santa Sacks for Christmas treesOne of things that children of all ages look forward to is the Santa Sack all full of goodies that is often found under Christmas trees on Christmas morning. I know many children who prefer the Santa Sack over wrapped Christmas gifts.

Whether your children have a Santa Sack each, or there is just the one, as a parent there is something satisfying about filling them full of goodies. Some families prefer to hang them from the mantle, others from bed heads. We prefer to place them under the Christmas tree.

Considering how ornate they look, placing them at the base of Christmas trees just gives the tree that added touch.

Santa Sacks are not small either, measuring in at 55cm x 78cm.  Fill them with sweets, fill them with little knick-knacks, there’s plenty of room for treats for the whole family.

These Santa Sacks will last for years. Get one for each of your children and they can place their names on them. This one, the Harlequin Jester Santa Sack, even has a pocket for your child to place their Santa wish list. As a parent, you can write back to your child on Santa’s behalf. I am sure most children would be delighted with that response.

Make your Christmas Tree is complete with a Santa Sack this Christmas.