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Do You Know How Long It Takes To Grow A Christmas Tree?

Christmas trees are reasonably fast growers when it comes to trees in general. It may, however,  surprise you to know how long it actually takes to grow a Christmas tree.

Firs generally take about 10 years to grow from seed to a size ready for cutting. Often, the taller the tree, the longer it has been growing. Christmas trees in pots are generally younger — however, the process is exactly the same.

We only grow top quality Christmas trees so we harvest the seed from only the best firs around the world. After planting, it will take these seed 3-4 years to reach a height of around 25cm. At this stage, the seedlings are transplanted to the open fields where they will remain until harvesting.

You may think it is an easy occupation, however, Christmas trees actually require a lot of care. The sides require trimming on a regular basis to maintain that classic shape. We regularly trim back the lower branches as well. By trimming these lower branches there is plenty of trunk room to place into a stand or pot of your own.

In the middle of the year trees are inspected and those suitable for use as Christmas trees that year are labeled. We don’t generally do a mass cut, we wait until you order and then cut the Christmas trees to your order. Once cut, we bag the tree and prepare it for pick up or delivery.

Christmas is special time of the year – isn’t it nice to know that your Christmas tree is one that has been selected and cut especially for you? Yes, Christmas is special – and so is your Christmas tree.