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Avoid The Hassles And Have Your Freshly Cut Christmas Tree Delivered

Fresh live Christmas trees are the only way to go when it comes to an authentic Christmas look. They can, however, be a right royal pain when it comes to taking one home. The first problem is simply getting it to fit in the car. The second problem is the cleaning up afterward if they drop needles.

There is a solution to your problem – delivery. Sure, it does add to the cost marginally but it can be worth the effort. Having your Christmas tree delivered avoids many of the little problems associated with getting it home yourself.

Of course, you won’t have to squeeze it into your car nor will you need to clean up afterward. Just as importantly, your tree won’t arrive damaged – in fact, fresh cut Christmas trees are bagged  to prevent damage. They are also kept in the best condition possible to prevent any needle loss.

Once your Christmas tree arrives, unbag it and keep it in a cool spot in a tub of water to keep it fresh. When you’re ready to take indoors, cut off an inch or two at the base, give the base of the tree a couple of solid bangs on the ground to remove any loose needles, then take it in ready for decoration.

It couldn’t be simpler. All the hassles of getting your Christmas tree home can be solved using our courier delivery system. Tell us when you want it delivered, where to put it on delivery, and leave the rest to us.  If you need decorations, lights or a wreath, tell us when ordering and we will deliver everything at once.