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Christmas Trees, Fairy Lights and Children’s Dreams

Christmas trees and fairy lightsChildren are fascinated by Christmas trees, especially when they are decorated with coloured flashing fairy lights. The lights seem to have a magic air that locks into the imagination of young children. It always delights me to sit back and watch my young ones – they can sit for hours just watching those twinkling lights.

I prefer LED lights but when it comes to children, the LED’s just don’t seem to have the same aura that fairy lights have. Let’s face it, Christmas trees are not finished until they have that array of flashing lights, either LED or fairy. If you have young children, just watch them and compare their reactions between the two sets of lights – they will prefer the fairy lights every time.

Unlike LED’s, fairy lights require more care. They are miniature light bulbs so they have the same problems that any normal light bulb has – they can be easily broken if mishandled and will burn out eventually. Some light systems will fail to operate if just one bulb fails – that is the biggest problem with fairy lights. Replace the bulb and you have your lights back again.

Christmas is a time of dreams and wishes – children always have their Christmas wish lists. Christmas trees are a big part of that dream and Christmas trees with strands of flashing fairy lights complete the picture. Just watch your children – their faces tell the whole story.