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I Spy Upon A Tree A Christmas Star As Pretty As Can Be

a shining star for your Christmas treeDecorating Christmas trees is an age old tradition. In our family, the final touch is to put the Christmas star on top. The Children takes turn year about – it’s my job to lift them up so they can attach it. Christmas is a time for traditions, but even they are being turned on their head and it’s not always for the worst.

The humble Christmas star that has stood on top of Christmas trees for generations has had a modern makeover. I remember when we made our own out of coloured cardboard. These days they really do answer the children’s call of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Our pictured star is in stunning silver and is decorated with little beads that have a mirror effect – it certainly does present that twinkling effect that children of all ages love. Imagine that atop a Christmas tree with a string of flashing coloured lights. The mirrored effect of the flashing lights can be amazing.

This is only one of many stars and some of the modern designs are really effective and really do ‘add the finishing touch’. Today’s Christmas trees are in a league of their own with the amazing array of lights, Christmas decorations and stars available.

The hardest part to decorating a Christmas tree is knowing where to start. There is never a problem with knowing where to finish – it’s always the Christmas star – the Christmas tree’s crowning glory.