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Get The Inside Story On Christmas Trees

Christmas trees in plantationThere are times when I think Christmas trees are taken for granted. There is actually a lot of work that goes into producing a Christmas tree. Most trees take over ten years to reach a point where they can be harvested and ready for sale.

Trees are grown from seed and transplanted out after 3-4 years – at that stage they are still only around 25cms in height. Once transplanted, the trees are carefully nurtured until ready for cutting. I said most trees take ten years before they are ready to harvest – the Nordman fir is one tree that take around twelve years to reach a height of six feet.

If you are interested in the life cycle of a Christmas tree then follow the link on the picture to read how we grow and maintain Christmas trees. We grow our trees in an environmentally friendly way where wildlife is actively encouraged to live in and around our plantations.

You can also get the inside story on Christmas trees through our Christmas Trees Video Page. Here you will find videos with handy hints on maintaining your Christmas tree and using lights as decorations on your trees. There are also videos on how we grow and cut our trees ready for delivery.

There is a lot of time and effort invested in each and every Christmas tree. Don’t take them for granted – they have been around for quite some time just waiting to be the centre of your Christmas festivities.