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Buy A Live Christmas Tree And Help To Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Did you know that live Christmas trees help to reduce greenhouse gases whilst artificial trees add to greenhouse gases? It’s all true so you can be proactive in helping to combat these effects whilst enjoying a truly traditional Christmas.

Christmas trees remove carbon dioxideThink about the differences between the two trees. Artificial trees are made from plastics and plastics normally come from petrochemicals. Plastics break down extremely slowly and when they do, they give off toxic gases.

Live Christmas trees, on the other hand, do the exact opposite. If you buy the cut variety, they break down and effectively become compost. Live Christmas trees in a pot can be transferred to the garden or a larger pot where they will work tirelessly to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Christmas trees are a sustainable and renewable crop. If we stopped planting new trees we would soon run out of stock so we have an active planting program that ensures we have plenty of stock for future years. In fact, as business grows and our trees’ popularity continues to grow, we have to plant more trees each year than what we sell.

You may think that one tree is not going to make that much difference.  However, if everyone thought that, where would we be? Live Christmas trees, either cut or in a pot, not only make a great Christmas centrepiece, they help to reduce carbon emissions. Live Christmas trees are a wonderful addition to Christmas – if you ever needed a reason to buy one, now you have it. You’re helping to save the world!