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Want Christmas Trees With Low Needle Drops?

low needle drop Nordman Christmas treeOne of the biggest complaints people make when it comes to cut live Christmas trees is the mess they make. Others, myself included, think it’s part of Christmas – I do, however, understand the concern. Christmas trees drop their needles for a number of reasons and some types of trees are more prone than others.

The Nordman Fir Christmas tree is one tree that is less prone to dropping needles in big numbers. Don’t get me wrong, it will drop needles, but nowhere near as many as some of the other types. Tree type is only one issue.

If the Christmas tree you buy is of poor quality to begin with then it will drop needles in large numbers, no matter which type of tree it is. This is one important reason why you should be looking for quality trees. Don’t think that price is important – I have seen rather expensive trees that have been cut too early, stored poorly and with not much life left in them – they will start to drop their needles in larger numbers before you get it home.

The second issue that will affect your Christmas tree is care. Too much heat and not enough water are the two biggest issues when it comes to care. Find a place away from active heat sources. When it comes to water – why not buy a Christmas tree package? Our packages include the Nordman fir along with a wrought iron or Cinco stand. Both provide great support for your tree and at the same time plenty of water to keep the tree fresh.